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Strictly Business (1991) Movie Review



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Source: Netflix

I am getting behind in work, and thus the movie reviews are falling behind. But I saw a good opportunity for a quick review.

While cruising through Netflix’s View Instantly, I noticed a good and highly underrated movie from the early 1990s, Strictly Business. It’s a cheesy romantic comedy about young upwardly mobile blacks who make it big by adapting in the white world of business. More than anything, it is a great movie in the early acting careers of Halle Berry, Tommy Davidson and Joseph C. Phillips.

The main character, Waymon Tisdale, is a businessman that falls for a hot hostess, Natalie (Halle) while trying to rise to the next level in corporate America. His friend Bobby (Tommy) helps him get ahead and get the girl.

Halle Berry is flipping SEXY in this movie. Maybe that’s why I don’t mind watching it despite its 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a good 90s flick, give it a shot some day when you are home sick from work.

It even has Samuel L. Jackson in it!


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