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My Top Ten Christmas Movies To Watch For 2023



Having spent the 2022 Christmas Holiday in typical fashion–alone, eating frozen pizza and watching movies–I decided to try and make a list holiday movies that were on television of the past month for upcoming 2023. I didn’t watch all of the films from start to finish, but I did manage to catch a great deal of the ridiculous amount of festive programming that streamed through my apps and live tv. As such, I am fully prepared to make a list of the top ten Christmas movies.

No, you won’t see a many of the older movies on this list, although Miracle on 34th Street does bring back some fond memories from elementary school. And you won’t see any Ben Affleck movies on this list, either.

Enough of my babbling, here’s my list…

10. Four Christmases

9. The Night They Saved Christmas

8. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

7. Nightmare Before Christmas

6. Elf

5. Bad Santa

4. Home Alone 1 and 2

3. Scrooged

2. Christmas Vacation

1. A Christmas Story

In closing I do have to say my tie with A Christmas Story has to be It’s a Wonderful Life. I didn’t want to bombard all of you with a list of a thousand movies all in one. What’s your favorite Christmas movies to binge watch.


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